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AirCard™ is the first card-sized tracker in the world with an integrated digital business card, working exclusively with Apple Find My network.
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AirCard™ is the first Bluetooth wallet tracker in the world with an integrated digital business card, working exclusively with Apple Find My network.


Locate your wallet anywhere in the world

Hundreds of millions of iPhones, iPads, MacBooks and Apple Watches all across the globe are connected to Apple's Find My network. AirCard™ emits a strong Bluetooth signal able to detect neighboring Apple devices, conveying its position to iCloud and allowing Find My app to view the location of AirCard™ on the map.


Advanced lost mode

If you can't find your wallet anymore, enable the Advanced lost mode through Rolling Square's proprietary platform and set a message, as well as providing your contact information. This way, if someone finds your wallet and scans AirCard’s QR Code, they can read your message and contact you.


Find it with sound

If your wallet is hiding nearby, you can use the Find My app to make AirCard™ emit a sound, which is 20% louder than AirTag, allowing you to locate it immediately. Alternatively, you can ask Siri to help you find your wallet by making it sound.


Left behind reminder

As soon as you leave your AirCard™ behind, you'll receive an immediate notification through the Apple Find My app. Additionally, the app allows you to track and share your device position with up to 5 people. Furthermore, if someone attempts to track you using an AirCard, you will receive a notification.


Digital business card

AirCard™ includes an NFC tag connected to a custom profile on, our proprietary platform. This allows you to create and share your own digital identity with links to your top contacts and social media accounts. The front face also features a visible QR code, providing the same functionality.


Designed with love ❤️️ in Switzerland 

Customer Reviews

Based on 114 reviews
John froment
Security Guard 24/7

Easy to set up and small enough to fit in a card wallet, hide in a car or just put in luggage. My friend has the air tag from apple and this seems to work just as well for a cheaper price.

João Castelo
Got my AirCard and love it

Got my AirCard and love it. Setting it up was simple and fast on iOS and it fits well on the wallet (but had to rethink which cards I carry with me). The configuration of contacts and profiles for social platforms works perfectly

Tony Leung
Rolling Square delivered as promised

Rolling Square delivered the AirCard as promised. The AirCard was easy to set up and appears to work as advertised. Their site was also helpful in the setup.

Jason Cuomo
Fast setup and it just works!

Within about 2 minutes of opening up the package I had the AirCard synched up to my phone and tucked nicely away into my wallet - replacing the Apple AirTag I had wedged into the credit card holder. I suggests watching the instructional video just before setting up - but if you've used an Apple AirTag before, then you already know the drill. Be aware that the AirCard power button is more of very subtle small bump you squeeze - but the aforementioned video shows you where it is. The AirCard does exactly what it says it will - and that's exactly why I give it 5 stars.

Cutting edge engineering

AirCard™ has been designed through lots of trial and error to achieve a super sleek and strong profile as a Bluetooth tracker. It features a CNC aluminum body and three durable 9H anti-explosion glass shells, ensuring both durability and a slim profile while enabling smooth Bluetooth transmission. It also provides RFID protection and has an IPX6 water resistance rating.

• Size: 85.6x54x2.2mm / 3.4x2.2x0.09in
• Materials: CNC machined aluminium, 9H strong anti-explosion glass
• Weight: 19gr / 0.35oz

• User Manual 
• Eco-friendly packaging 

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