!!! SCAM ALERT !!!

To all our customers and supporters from 

Taiwan, it has come to our attention that a number of listings of our product “inCharge X” appeared during the past few days on some Chinese and Taiwanese e-commerce websites.

Such listings are illegal, and we have already notified our lawyers to take actions against the accounts who pretend to sell our product, we are confident that they will be removed soon.

We would like to confirm that currently the only legit website where you can buy the original inCharge X is through our partner, Huitong Products Ltd. They currently only sell inCharge X on campaign website:

And on:
We highly discourage you to buy from any other website, as they are illegal listings of our product. If you buy from unofficial websites, you will not receive the original inCharge X, but either nothing or a cheap made Chinese copy.

We would like to thank you for your attention and precious support.
The Rolling Square team

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P.S. We dislike this message as much as you do!
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